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Explain GTT
raja 18-October-2007 04:01:32 PM


GTT is a mapping table, where an incoming number is diverted to another number based upon the location of the caller.
Posted by sagitraz

About Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)
A Better Way to Buy and Manage Communications – Worldwide Global Telecom & Technology (GTT) is a new breed of telecom service provider – a Global Network Integrator. Committed to providing businesses a dramatically better way to source, buy and manage their communications needs. Independent, knowledge-driven and customer-centric – and unconstrained by the limits of any one physical network. GTT’s Global Network Integrator approach, its expertise, vendor relationships, and, above all, its commitment to outstanding customer service give it the power to deliver a new level of value to enterprise, service provider and government customers on a global basis.

GTT believes that for far too many business customers the traditional approach to buying and managing communications requirements - i.e., relying on incumbent telecom carriers that operate their own proprietary network - just doesn’t work. And as customer requirements become more complex and global in scope, the limitations of the traditional telecom carrier approach can become even more severe.

In the traditional approach:

Solutions are often based on the technologies the carrier’s network can support - not the customer’s business requirements.
If a customer wants a best-of-breed, multi-vendor solution, they typically have to design, source, buy and manage it themselves.
Customers that have to go “off-net” (i.e. off their carrier’s physical network) can face substantial added costs, inefficiencies and service delays.
Customers are forced to change technologies when their carrier changes technology.
Customers have to spend their own time and money auditing their telecom carrier’s invoices.
It is hard to find end-to-end, dedicated, expert customer service.

GTT - A Better Way
GTT was founded with a simple vision: to offer customers a significantly better way to buy and manage their communications requirements, worldwide. GTT is a leader within a new breed of telecommunications carrier: Global Network Integrator (GNI). Unlike traditional, network centric telecom carriers, GNI's do not own the infrastructure upon which their services are provided. Instead, they design solutions based on their customer’s requirements, using an optimal combination of telecommunications networks and technologies. GTT then procures, integrates and manages this best-of-breed solution on its customers’ behalf.

Today, GTT serves the communications requirements of 200 leading enterprise, government and carrier customers. It provides these businesses with a service footprint covering more than 50 countries and turn-key access to the networks and technologies of over 100 vendor partners and technology solution providers. Most importantly, GTT’s team provides expert support throughout the entire solution lifecycle.

Posted by waqasahmad

GTT stands for Global Title Translation.
In fact GT is an address used in SCCP protocol which is used for routing signaling messages for telecom networks.
Posted by shehenshah

please visit this link
www.austincc.edu/rfofi/BIO2305/2305Labs/12-glucose.doc -
Posted by waqasahmad

In general GTT is a mapping table, where an incoming number is diverted to another number based upon the location of the caller.
Posted by HamidAliKhan

For details:

Posted by sagitraz

GTT is a mapping table, where an incoming number is diverted to another number based upon the location of the caller.
Posted by waqqas1

The SS7 SCCP protocol was added to extend the addressing capabilities of the MTP3 layer below it. One of the functions of SCCP is to allow addresses to be translated according to a table, and this is called Global Title Translation. A Global Title is a special number that you might give to a device (such as an SMSC)that will be the publicly known address of that unit. This means that an operator can allow access to its SMSC from outside its network (for example, to a competitor) without giving away vital topology information about its network. This means that it is no longer necessary to tell outsiders that the SMSC is at a specific pointcode (such as 2-82-5), but the SMSC can be referred to by a 'virtual' number: the Global Title. Another use of Global Titles is to have two SMSCs (for load sharing and resilience) that share the same Global Title, but which exist at two different pointcodes.

A Global Title translator takes a set of address digits as input, and transforms these into an actual address, which could comprise address digits, pointcode information and a subsystem number. The Global Title translation might involve manipulating the address digits by inserting, extracting or appending digits, depending on what the final target element is expecting to see.

Many Global Title translations are a simple mapping that add a pointcode (PC) and subsystem number (SSN) to the address digits.
Posted by sajit4134

Global title translation.

Mobile operators identification is authorized to use the services offered by telecom serice providers from any where in the Globe using this technique.

Very basic terms are called Home location and Visitor location.

If you are going to out of home location , you are naturally becomes a visitor. But the credentials of the visitor can never be stored in the guest houses. So Telecom forum has decided to use GTT and usign a protocol stuff query the home data base and on pass the necessary info.

If you are not subscribed for the roaming servcice , then the roaming network controller will reject you based on the GTT info.

For more info pl read www.PT.com.

Thanks for the understanding
Posted by viswesvaran

GTT stands for Global Title Translation and is used at the MSC(Mobile Switching Center or any fixed line switches). To keep it simple, GTT is a kind of mapping table, where in an incoming number is diverted to another number based upon the location of the caller or where the service is available.

The best example in an Indian Context is the emergency number (say Police-100). Even when you are roaming and dial 100 from your mobile, it will be diverted to the nearest PCR.

Posted by sniranjan

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